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Virtual Learning MOU

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

On 12/14/2020, The RCS Board of Education made the decision for all PreK-5th graders to return to school on Plan A (all students, 5 days a week). and for 6th-12th graders to return on Plan B (AA/BB schedule). Face masks will be mandatory. This is scheduled to begin 1/21/2021.

Parents have until January 8, 2021, to determine if they will remain virtual or if they will return to in-person learning. If you plan for your student to participate in virtual learning you must complete and submit the RCS Virtual Learning MOU by January 8, 2021. Students who have already submitted an MOU for virtual learning do not have to submit another form. Only students who want to change their status to virtual need to complete the MOU. You can download and print the attached copy or pick one up from the school. It is also posted on our school website. Students wishing to return from virtual to in-person learning need only to contact the school principal. Please call the school if you have any questions or concerns. On January 8th, student status as virtual-only or face-to-face is final through the end of the 2020-2021 school year.

MOU for Virtual Learning
Download PDF • 63KB

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